Address: Madni Public School Baghonwali MZN (U.P.) India

Phone No :- Mgr: 9897845038, Principal: 9897618080, Office: 9675511837



Madni Public School

123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


School Activity

Current Affairs: We Prepares to students for current affairs on National and International events and developments in Economic and Scientific fields.

Quiz: We Organize the Quiz program in Madni Public School Baghonwali.This surely helps create awareness

Drawing and Painting: Drawing, Painting, Rangoli making are some of the features of Madni Public School Baghonwali Muzaffarnagar.

Physical Education: Physical Education is the most important part of the MPSB. Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Table Tenis, Chess are the games played in the College.

Dance: Dance at Presentation MPSB inculcates the aspects of commanding a fascinating world of imagination. Fusion of classical and folk dances jot downs the various chapters and stages of our history and which thereby, motivates students to know more about the diversified Indian culture. The school also organizes stage performances

Rangoli: Rangoli the traditional decoration art taught in the College. Students are given an awareness of the different floor decoration arts practiced in different states of India. They learn to select designs according to the mood and theme of the occasion for which it is done. Students also learn to combine colours and show projection in their artwork. Through this art, the students get a chance to show their creativity.

Drama: We organize the Drama program on annual function or any special festival like Holi and Diwali or Janmastmi. They imbibe the love and zest of literature. Folk Dance is an integral activity of the college dramatic society. Classical and Folk songs are regularly taught and presented.

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